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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy that applies to Super BAWK BAWK Chicken will be available at this link soon.

In the meantime, know that Daytime Devs does not collect any personal or identifying information from you when you play the game.

Players are assigned a public and a private ID used for global scoreboards. Players are assigned and can choose a nickname made up from a set of adjectives and nouns available within the game. When you choose to submit a score to the global scoreboards, some additional information about the run in which the score was earned is also submitted to help identify cheat score submissions.

Super BAWK BAWK Chicken was developed with Unity. It does not use Unity Ads or Unity Analytics, but it does use Unity's In App Purchase package on iOS and Android. Please see Unity's privacy policy for more information

Our goal is to make Super BAWK BAWK Chicken a safe and fun game to play for people of all ages.